Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting to Other Planets

My blog has achieved what I wish I could--it's on another planet!! Space travel for humans is a pretty limited affair, more so for zombies. Sure, there's the console game Dead Space and the movie Jason X, which is really Friday the 13th Part Ten. Someone must have killed Jason Vorhees at least once in the nine previous movies, so he's got to be a zombie, right? Anyway, regular joe zombies aren't traveling to the stars yet, until now.
My blog has somehow made it to I'm not sure how it got there, but there it is. I was showing my wife how Happy Catholic comes up in most of the top spots when you google "Catholic Zombie Apocalypse" when I saw another web site with the opening line to my previous blog entry. My first thought was, "Someone's plagiarizing me? How flattering/annoying!" Clicking through brought the happy discovery that I am part of "Your window into the world of Catholicism". I am honored and humbled to be among the likes of Happy Catholic, Catholic and Enjoying It!, Just a Catholic Dad, Testosterhome, and the horde of other sites listed in the sidebar.

I hope your interstellar ambitious are as easily satisfied as mine!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, my ambition was fulfilled when I saw that you were showing your wife how Happy Catholic comes up on Google for Catholic Zombie Apocalypse.

    You like me. You really like me!

    (Poor Sally Fields. She's never gonna live that down!